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Hotel Savoy, Goethe Institute

“You are checking into an hour of existential angst, with only your spiritual baggage for company…Certainly my hour inside put me in the mood for Halloween.” – Charles Isherwood, The New York Times,

“The building exerts a strange pull over its visitors” – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

“I don’t want to give anything away, on the off chance that you squeeze in…I’d recommend simply wandering until they come for you. And don’t worry, they’ll come for you. They always come for you.” – Scott Brown, NY Magazine

“There’s hardly a short age of Halloween attractions this time of year, but few are as haunting as Hotel Savoy“ – Frank Scheck, NY Post

“At only $25 per night, Hotel Savoy provides budget travelers with a distinct theatrical bargain” – Alexis Soloski, The Village Voice

CRITICS’ PICK – Backstage

Yale University, Four Girls in Search of a Part

"[Gregoire] has a naturalism onstage, displaying the seriousness of terror’s impact, a perpetually displaced anger, an intransitive anxiety." - Yale Daily News

"Gregoire is majestic in unveiling her character’s Secret From Her Past (“real soft, it was like a dream”). Her recounting of a nightmarish personal history calls to mind Blanche DuBois in its fragility." -  Yale Daily News

"One must take stock of what “Four Girls in Search of a Part” is: an ingeniously edited, sincerely directed, and well-acted showcase whose tail end delivers a glorious punch that initially is wanting. Gregoire, the work’s mastermind, is to be applauded for taking up and executing with grace neither Rocky Horror Spandex nor Sondheim nor song and dance, but serious theater." - Yale Daily News

Yale University, Almost, Maine

"Gregoire delivers another noteworthy performance— in addition to directing, she herself played three characters. All of Cariani’s characters are remarkably similar, but Gregoire still displayed impressive range in jumping from story to story." - Agnes Enkhtamir, Yale Daily News

"Gregoire’s version of the play [is] so much more charming than the script standing alone." - Agnes Enkhtamir, Yale Daily News

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